Employee Assistance Program


Parkview Employee Assistance Program offers a wide variety of workshops, seminars and classes designed to provide education, skills training, awareness and personal growth in areas of human behavior and performance. These programs are offered in several formats.

Workplace presentations bring training and educational programs directly to the workplace. These results-oriented workshops are designed to provide employees with skills and knowledge necessary to be “peak performers” at work and in their personal endeavors. 

Advantages of these on-site workshops include:

  • Cost efficiency:  many employees can attend the workshop for a fraction of the cost required for an off-site program.
  • Ability to custom-design programs: each program is created with your input to specifically address your company’s needs.

Community workshops are educational seminars and classes focusing on topics that influence the way we experience life. While these programs can be adapted to a particular organization’s needs and interests, they are usually focused on assisting the positive growth of the individual or family. 

Community workshops offer:

  • A supportive, relaxed atmosphere in which to share and learn with individuals who have similar interests and concerns
  • Low cost, allowing for effective participation by employees
  • Opportunity to learn from experienced knowledgeable counselors

Management consulting services assist organizations in structuring goals for growth and development. When conflict, distrust or fragmentations negatively affect productivity, these individually tailored services provide recommendations for positive growth.

Parkview Employee Assistance Program can provide an assessment of developmental issues, make recommendations for improvement and help with implementing changes.

Management consulting services offer:

  • Cost-effective integration of educational programs.
  • Individualized consulting and long-range training goals.

For more information, contact our Employee Assistance office at 260-266-8060 or 1-800-721-8809.

Some workshops offered are: